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Product name : Single Pass Honing Tools
Item : Progressive honing
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Progressive Honing

The progressive honing sequence is very simple and does not require the presence of any skilled operators, it consists of a number of vertical honing tools, combined with a horizontal table which index/rotates under the spindles.

Progressive Honing Sequence

Each honing tool is preset to a progressively larger diameter, and as the workpiece passes through the machine’s cycle it has its diameter increased in size by each spindle in turn. Each honing tools passes through the bore one single time only. At each pass the tool removes a specific quantity of material and the bore diameter is progressively increased, calibrated and finally finished step by step.

According to the material, the stock removal, the surfance finish and the required geometry, the honing range can include 1 to more than 10 honing tools.

Constant quality of the bore
Surface finish<0.05
Short cylcle time
Process reliability,
Low workpiece cost.

Application areas:

Hydraulic valves, distribution valves, Gears, ABS, brake cylinder, supercharger, rocker arms, connecting rod, crankcase etc.

Example of a honing range

Our honing tools and honing abrasive sleeves are exclusively consisting of diamond or CBN and are designed according to each of your applications.

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